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This compound can be used as a substrate in the assay of the activities of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase and glucose-6- phosphatase. It can also be used for the preparation of other sugar phosphates.

1.Source: Disodium Salt
   Form: Crystalline powder 
   Molecular Weight: 304.1 
   Solubility: Distilled water or dilute buffer 
   Stability: Store at -20 C (-4 F) 
   Purity: 99% Glucose-6-Phosphate (assayed enzymatically) 
   Optical Rotation: (a)D25 = 22.16 (1% water) 
   Catalog No.: 045J0000 
2.Source: Monosodium Salt
   Form: Crystalline (anhydrous) 
   Molecular Weight: 282.1 
   Solubility: Distilled water or dilute buffer 
   Stability: Store at room temp.; 22 C (72 F) 
   Purity: 99% Glucose-6-Phosphate (determined enzymatically) 
   Optical Rotation: (a)D25 = 33.65 (1% in water) 
   Catalog No.: 046M0000 

The assay is based on the following reaction (Methods of Enzymatic Analysis, Bergmeyer, H.U. ed; Vol 3, 1238, 1974, Academic Press, New York).

  1. 0.055 M Tris-HCl, containing 0.0033 M magnesium chloride, pH 7.8.
  2. Assay Mixture. Dissolve 50.3 mg NADP+ in 30 ml Tris buffer, pH 7.8. Adjust the pH to 7.8 with 1 M NaOH, then add 150 units of Glucose-6-P-Dehydrogenase (G6-P-DH, EC and dissolve. This assay mixture is sufficient for ten assays. Prepare fresh prior to assay.
  3. 0.012 M Glucose-6-Phosphate. Dissolve 35 mg G-6-P in 10 ml distilled water. Prepare fresh.

  1. Set spectrophotometer (equipped with strip chart recorder and temperature control) at 340 nm and 37C.
  2. Into a cuvette, pipette 3 ml assay mixture and incubate in spectrophotometer at 37C for 3 minutes.
  3. Record the initial absorbance at 340 nm (Ai).
  4. Add 10 l Glucose-6-P (substrate) to the cuvette.
  5. Follow the reaction for 10 minutes at 37C.
  6. Record final absorbance at 340 nm (Af).

(delta)A = Af - Ai
Total Vol. = 3.01 ml
282 = MW of Glucose-6-P-monosodium salt (anhydrous)
Sample Vol. = 0.01 ml


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